Asset & Maintenance Services

Technical and Trade Services


In addition to standard Village Services, we have developed a service system to assist in properties always operating at their best.


This is achieved by a planned programme developed to suit the facility and budget expectations.
The detailed Management of Technical and Trade services are carried out in a comprehensive and methodical manner to ensure all statutory and guest Safety obligations are met.
Through our experience we have identified the better this element of operations is executed; breakdown and significant unplanned expense is avoided.

Facility and Maintenance Services


As part of this ancillary service we can assist in evolving a Management Plan for the property. This Management plan consists of a comprehensive Maintenance system that is inclusive of the following:


Statutory Maintenance

  • Fire services
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing


Preventative Maintenance

This element covers a wide range of activities to ensure that all equipment and plant is serviced to reduce the incidence of breakdown and unplanned expenditure.

Breakdown Maintenance

Breakdown or reactive Maintenance is managed in a predetermined and planned manner. A process is usually developed with the client to ensure their preference to expenditure is evolved.

Asset Life Cycle Management

This service is a pivotal part in our suite of facility services and assists in maintaining a high level of facility amenity and accurate cost planning ability in ongoing Maintenance budgets.


In a number of projects we have been exposed to in “Build Own Operate”, cash rates of return have been impacted by a lack of planning in cycle refurbishment of assets.


To remove this issue we have developed a programme where all facility assets are captured and a pre-programmed lifecycle is applied to ensure that Capital replacement budgets can be accurately forecasted and the correct funds applied.


The Administration of this service is included in our Technical and Trade services suite with the drafting of recommended Capital replacement programmes to be submitted to the client on a frequency that suits requirements.