Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality Systems


Blackdown HSE Objectives and Targets

  • Promoting a “no blame culture” where the removal of hazard to guests and staff are actioned by all team members.
  • Continual training and evolution of our systems in identifying and reducing risk in all activities.
  • Developing and implementing Health, Safety, and Environmental standards that exceed minimum statutory standards.
  • Investigation of all accidents, incidents, and near misses developing control measures to eliminate the primary cause.
  • Identifying risk in-process activities that may have the potential to cause personal injury and occupational illness or harm the environment.
  • Consultation of staff on all HSE issues.
  • Providing appropriate resources to effectively manage rehabilitation and return to work initiatives.
History clearly demonstrates where these principles are effectively deployed there is a significant decrease in HSE issues.

Quality Managed Systems

With a history of operating a number of the industry’s most notable facilities; we have developed ISO-certified operating systems; ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 to assist inconsistency of service delivery. A key part of our management system is the development of the team.


Having clearly communicated organizational expectations and results that are driven by detailed outcome reporting are the basic building blocks of our Quality system. Appropriate resources can then be applied to areas of opportunity.


We have found this a positive way to assist management teams in providing an experience that is in line with client expectations.


End-user client relationship and KPI management


Blackdown can assist in Key Performance Indicators tailored to fit the project which is inclusive of:

  • Formal communication protocols and issue resolution
  • Cyclic minuted review meetings
  • Compliance to all contracted services
  • Customer surveys
  • Continuous improvement and innovation of services


In benchmarking the development of client relationships, Blackdown has identified that one of the primary requirements essential for the development of client trust is the management and rapid response of service-based concerns in a consistent manner. 


Our communication systems are designed to remove generalizations to quickly get to the cause of