Hospitality Management Services

Village Operations


It is well understood that Hospitality services are the engine room of any Facility Management contract. The standard of these services and the customer service attitude of our people are what ultimately influence guest perception of the quality of their stay.


We believe that consistency is the key with well trained staff to deliver to expectations day in day out. Current feedback is highlighting an emerging trend of a desire by guests and clients alike for more “choice” in services available in properties. Blackdown acknowledge the development and innovation of these services as an important part of our offering. We can provide a number of options in Customer service; Catering and Rooms division services that we believe enhance end user satisfaction.

Hospitality Services


Administration & Reservation Management


Individual reporting and information requirements can be tailored to suit individual contract needs.


A key feature of Blackdown is that we train our people under the culture of maximisation of occupancy i.e. “heads in beds”

A high focus is placed on assisting our clients to get the most value out of their available accommodation resources.

Catering Services


Blackdown has a core competency in Catering Operations and we strive to achieve from a number of measurements including quantity of choice, quality and guest health and well-being.


We develop cyclic menus to ensure that our client’s guests have access to a wide range of styles and cuisines managed by experienced industry professionals.


In addition to our expansive menus we offer a number of “cook to order” options to ensure all tastes are catered for.


As part of our Catering brand we have assembled a range of standards that complement menu options and assist in providing a little atmosphere not often provided in facilities of this nature.

Housekeeping Services


Housekeeping teams are the smiling face at the end of a difficult day for guests who operate in a challenging environment.


As with all hospitality services, consistency is the key and significant benefits are gained by the utilisation of formal quality managed systems. 


Sometimes, not everything goes to plan, but our processes assist in the rectification of areas for improvement quickly in the sometimes fluid environment that is Worker Accommodation.

Lifestyle and Recreation Services


In conjunction with our Healthy eating program, Blackdown can assist in the initiation of a wide range of Lifestyle initiatives if required. We work with primary and end user clients to establish a suite of options to be available to in house guests. Some of these options could be:


  • Personal dietary and exercise advice
  • Gym instruction
  • Group fitness sessions
  • Special interest events and guest speakers
  • In-room media systems
  • In-room Skype and internet
  • In-room Inductions and online training
  • Social nights