Introducing Blackdown

Introducing Blackdown

Blackdown Accommodation Services Pty Ltd is an Australian-owned Workforce Accommodation and services company. Our business model is to provide innovative Hospitality and living solutions, with a focus on achieving consistently desirable outcomes.


We have an experienced team that are committed to providing a level of service delivery that is identifiably different from industry benchmarks. We are passionate in driving a continuous improvement culture to offer a pleasant Hospitality based experience to assist our client’s workforce to present Safe, Rested and Ready for work.


Service delivery options

Blackdown offers a wide range of Accommodation services specializing in Operational workforce accommodation facilities.


Services provided are tailored to individual project requirements and client needs:


At the core of our services is a solid system-based logic that has been developed over many high-profile projects and is individually tailored to suit specific project-based outcomes.


Development Services


  • End-user negotiation and Accommodation service agreements
  • Facility planning and design review
  • Procurement and Logistics
  • Project Management and liaison


Village Operation Services

  • Administration and Reservation Management with a focus on maximizing occupancy
  • A focus on strong Health and Safety outcomes
  • Statutory and Quality standard compliance
  • End-user Client relationship and KPI Management
  • Hospitality Services (Catering, Housekeeping and Guest Services)
  • Lifestyle and Recreation Services
  • Grounds and Maintenance Services


Technical and Trade Maintenance Services

  • Facility and Maintenance Services
  • Asset Lifecycle Management


Contract review and audit services

  • The contract scope of service development and review
  • Service Delivery Audit
  • ISO standard gap analysis and cyclic review